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PHOTOS: Linda Lee's grand name day


Singer Linda Leen shared beautiful shots of her name-day celebration on social networks.

According to Linda, on her name day she went hiking and even hitchhiking.

"I am rich, I own everything that has happened to me, so M. Čaklais. It is impossible to agree more than I agree :)). The best gift is an event! Unexpected, filled with small details feet and 8km with stops) and blessed with nature – we experienced all the colors – misty breeze, gloomy water mirror and screaming rain on the Gulf side and liberating wind and evening sun on the high seas. pitstopos "reminded me of the warm love I generously receive and thank you from the bottom of my heart!" writes Linda.

She reveals that the adventure began with stops from Vaide to Kolka. Next, a bus from Kolka to Melnsil. It culminated in a 27-kilometer hike along the shores of the Gulf and the high seas. The conclusion – a bath.

Linda Lezdina, better known by her stage name Linda Leen, is a Latvian singer and fashion designer. At the end of 2016, the singer "Beyond Velvet Skin" announced the third singer solo album "Digital Church", released in January 2017.

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