Thursday , January 27 2022

KPV LV is opposed to the idea of ​​a Coalition Cooperation Council / Day


Such a proposal – to co-ordinate action in the Cooperation Council – was provided for in the draft version of the draft treaty for cooperation between the future government parties. Such a solution would, in essence, be similar to the former coalition council, which was promised to be eliminated during the pre-election KPV LV.

Zakatistov told reporters that Krišjānis Kariņš, the candidate for the post of prime ministerNew Unity) offered a version of the cooperation agreement, which was also discussed by the party today. KPV LV has significant objections to it because the party in the program talked about the dissolution of the coalition council, the politician explained.

The partners agreed that tomorrow KPV LV will offer its vision of a cooperation agreement. Zakatistov said that the decision-making should take place in the Saeima and in the government, with the consent of the future government partners.

As reported, the abolition of the Coalition Council was one of the party's slogans during the pre-election period, but also during the government-building attempt by Ald Gobzem (KPV LV).

The Coalition Council is a weekly party meeting where the agenda of the government and the Saeima is discussed and other decisions are taken.

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