Monday , March 8 2021

Is the new government's gift to Latvia to collapse roads in the next hundred years? / Day

If the new government consistently implements the current priorities, the collapse of roads, especially regional and local roads, will continue due to insufficient funding. This in turn means that people will continue to leave the countryside, either moving to big cities or abroad, because they will not be able to bring children to school, wait for quick help in good time, and will not be able to get to work in the city, and in addition will have to invest disproportionate means of car repairs.

Removing road repairs from the list of priorities also raises the question of what will happen to financing for the sector in 2019 and 2020, when the funds of the European Union (EU) for this programming period will end? Will the "non-priority" sector be sought and funded in the state budget (around 120 million euros) to replace the European Union's money, which so far provided some or all of the necessary work?

The association Latvian Road Builder (LCB) would like to think that the inclusion of road repairs considered by the inhabitants of Latvia as one of the most important tasks of the state in the list of priorities of the new government is just an error, rather than a deliberate desire to abandon the paths of the next century's state.

The LCB hopes that the parties that have promised to significantly improve the situation will rely on the fact that the roads are important for the successful implementation of all the priorities they invoke and will also find the necessary funding, and will not leave the future coalition in an unfulfilled format than was the case with their ancestors.

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