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In the network testing "Tele2" involves the inhabitants of Latvia ::


November 8, 2018 at 00:00
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The mobile operator Tele2 will be ambitious on November 9th
network power test and invites you to participate in Latvia
citizens, actively using the mobile Internet. To be able to
To do, Tele2 gives its customers the opportunity to spend
unlimited internet volume for free. Such a network power test
it is necessary to understand what is the place in Latvia where it is
the biggest growth potential and more needs to be done
increase mobile network capacity.

Communication operators use different methods to test their network
infrastructure – its quality and capacity. This time we want to
use an unprecedented solution involving the test as much as possible
more people. This year's network infrastructure and its development
we have invested more than 6 million euros, but for that
better determine the prospects for the next few years and much more
more precisely identify the places where our customers will use the mobile
More and more Internet, we run such a test, " tells
Technical Director of Tele2 Līga Krūmiņa

The Tele2 network test run on November 9th, the company has prepared
a small "spinner", which shows the activities that are most
consuming data and loading the network. As you can see, then the most
You can use the internet to watch video content while listening
music as well as playing online games. Slightly less
Internet volume will be spent browsing social networks,
making voice calls over the internet using geolocation apps,
such as Waze, and email browsing.

Want to join Tele2's power test, visit the company's web

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