Thursday , March 4 2021

How To Really Charge A Phone – Myths And Truth!

The smartphone's battery should always be fully discharged before each charge, and the phone should not be left out of the charger all night – we've all heard these and other tips that are usually recommended for charging the phone. But what is the truth of all of this, and which is just a myth? Huawei explains five widespread myths about phone charging.


Can the phone be fired all night?

  • Experts point out that as soon as the phone reaches 100% and continues to be plugged in for charging, its battery is in high judgment, which, in turn, damages the chemical composition of battery cells.
  • The phone should be disconnected from the charger as soon as the battery has reached 100% charge, but its long battery life can help reduce the lithium-ion battery capacity, which in the long run reduces the time it takes for a fully charged battery.


Can the phone be left in the lid while charging?

  • Since most of the latest smartphones have a glass housing, their users choose the device to purchase a cover to scratch the phone and protect it from damage. But this raises another question about charging the phone – should not the cover be removed by charging the phone?
  • Experts point out that it is advisable to remove the phone from the cover if it is planned to charge a longer charge in order to avoid additional phone heating, and it is not recommended to leave the phone while charging, for example under the cushion, as this increases the risk of the device being heated and can reduce the battery capacity in the long run.


Should the battery always drain before charging?

  • There is often a suggestion that the phone battery is best recharged when it is fully emptied and reaches 0% mark. This myth has a clear origin: nickel-metal hydride batteries were once used in phones, and it was advisable to recharge them only after full emptying.
  • Today's smartphones use lithium-ion batteries that do not have such features.
  • Moreover, experts even indicate that it is best to charge the phone several times a day when the battery has lost about 10-20% of its energy, because this type of charging for lithium-ion batteries helps to maintain its full capacity for a long time and, if necessary, allows the phone to use up to several days without charge.


Can charging use any charger for your phone?

  • The charger included with the phone is, of course, the most suitable for the device, because it is the right class and specifically designed for the phone, so it's recommended that you use the original charger as much as possible.
  • However, if you need to use a charger for another phone, experts advise you to check which alternate charger variants are approved by the smartphone manufacturer.
  • Often inexpensive alternatives to charger phones that are not approved by the phone manufacturer are potentially harmful to the phone and permanently damage its battery.


Can the phone be used while charging?

  • The belief that it would not be advisable to use the phone when it is powered is often predominant among older people. This myth is based on bias in charging the phone and the risks it can cause, such as fire or even explosion of the device.
  • However, experts point out that such a risk does not exist at all because the phones are made with various components that take care of overheating and keep the device temperature within the normal range even at high load.
  • Negative effects can be intense use of the phone during charging, for example, when playing games or playing videos for a long time. This way, part of the battery is absorbed, but part of it is lost, and thus the battery parts become obsolete, helping the battery to wear out more quickly.

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