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"Conservative" declaration is a step forward, but goes beyond budget possibilities / Article / LSM.LV


The project of the new Conservative party (JKP) government work plan is an improvement and a step forward in the government-building talks, but it is projected to exceed the possibilities of the state budget for next year, in an interview in LTV program "Morning Panorama" pointed out the "Development / About!" co-chairman Daniels Pavluts.

The draft government declaration submitted to the JCC's potential partner is a step forward compared to the previous version of the declaration. "One can see that there are some things that have been said by other parties. And the most important thing today is the first joint meeting, "said Pavlut.

"Development / For!" It is essential for this document to be "clear partners' agreement on key priorities", such as the reform of municipalities, the content of education.

At the same time, he admitted that disagreement could be about citizenship for non-citizens.

Pavlov also stressed that the state budget of the next year is the biggest unknown: "The promises made before the elections are directly reflected in the list of government work. The impact on the budget will be very high. "

In his opinion, the amount of work included in the JCC declaration already exceeds the possibilities of the state budget. "With the naked eye, it can be seen that the things that are there (…) with regard to raising the minimum pensions, increasing wages, other things, according to our modest calculations, may require an extra billion euros in publications. this can not be done in any scenario, "said the politician.

Pavluts also urged politicians to set up Saeima commissions as soon as possible: "The Saeima begins work when commissions are set up, their leaders are appointed, the legislative process begins, commissions are starting to work with their sectoral bills. Then the Saeima may come to plenary and decide something. "

"Development / For" advocates the inclusion of Saeima opposition in the work of commissions.

In turn, with regard to the distribution of ministries, "Attīstība / Par" is ready to assume the responsibility of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, as well as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science.

Meanwhile, political scientist Associate Professor Ivars Ījabs of the University of Latvia stated that it would be possible to establish a government within two weeks if there is such a wish. At the same time, some politicians have come up with "sounds, aggressive statements" with regard to potential partners. Also, without any personal ambitions.

On the other hand, regarding the formation of parliamentary commissions, he acknowledged that there was some logic in harmonizing it with the formation of a government. In addition, the "good tone requires" to determine the areas of commission not in the hands of the same party, which has the leadership of the relevant field.


Following a month of long unsuccessful talks on government formation, the president decided on November 7 to give JKP leader Jan Bordan two weeks to form a government, failing this, another nominee will be nominated for the prime minister.

Bordan will offer a five-party coalition without the Green and Farmers' Union and Harmony.

On November 9, the JKP presented an updated draft government work plan. On the other hand, with his potential partners, Bordan plans to discuss a government declaration plan on November 12.

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