Tuesday , February 7 2023

Boston Celtics leader Ērvings punched for the ball on the podium – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com


The incident took place on Monday in a match in which Celtics beat Denver's Nuggets on 107:15. Eravin immediately throws a pitch on the pitch after the match. Erwin received a fine of $ 25,000 (€ 21,700) for throwing the ball on the podium.

This way of Ewing's behavior was provoked by the opponent's team player Jimmy Marie's decision to throw a distance, although at that time the battle was already settled. In this way, Marie wanted to exceed the 50 points earned, as he finished the fight with 48 points.

Erwin blamed the game for failing to show respect for Mare. Celtics wins the fourth place in sixth victory in ten games in the East Conference.

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