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Unconditional launch of Samsung Electronics Folders Unit in the first half of next year … at least 1 million "| IT / Science


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Samsung Electronics Chief Operating Officer Kim Dong-jin plans to release the folder button until the first half of the next year, with an initial volume of at least 1 million units.

On August 8, at a San Francisco press conference, he was asked about the timetable for launching the folder, saying, "I can not give it a date, but I will release it by the first half of next year."

"The production of main products is about 1 million units in the same volume as Samsung Electronics." "Folder plans will amount to more than 1 million units, and if the market response is good, it can produce more."

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a display and user interface (UI) that will open on July 7 in the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC) folder. However, only the display was wrapped in a black body, so the thickness, the weight, the battery specification and the actual design could not be measured.

"The SDC display this time means that Samsung Electronics showed that it converted the folder to the level of commercialization," said Ko. "Many obstacles have been overcome, for example, there are no legible lines. I just left."

"Two months ago, we met Google CEO Sundae Pichal and created the task documentation for the UX project, and by distributing prototype developers this day, we will create an optimal experience before launch," he said. "He said.

The company also plans to release the fold foldup folder with the Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Notebook series each year. The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series will be launched in limited countries such as Korea and the United States as well as limited telecommunications companies. He explained that the product name has not yet been adopted.

As for the AI ​​platform Bixbee, "Samsung lags behind software in terms of Amazon and Google," he said. Samsung Electronics has more than 500 million smartphones every year, and Bixby is relatively eco-friendly, as it also runs home appliances and AI speakers at the Galaxy home. "

"I will properly unlock the Galaxy S10 and will be released next year as it's the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy smartphone," Goh said. newsroom [email protected]

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