Monday , December 6 2021

The average annual risk wage is 49 million. 25% increase over 7 years



One hundred thousand risk managers have an average salary of 49 million. The average salary in 2011 was 25.7% higher than the average salary of 39 million.
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According to the Korea Venture Business Association (KITA), a survey of 300 companies among 100 billion companies found that the results were obtained.

The average year of service of the 100 billion venture capital staff was 5.7 years. This is 1.3 years (29.5%) for more than 4.4 years, recorded in the same study in 2011.

The average number of employees per hundred billion businesses was 435. The number of companies with the largest number of employees was 4879, followed by Korean corporation (3956), NC Soft (3206), Naver (2793) and Cacao (2549).

NCsoft had the highest number of employees (2223 employees) and the female population was 32.90.

"Despite the long-term economic downturn, employment in these exposures is steadily increasing, which seems to have a positive impact on leasing problems," said Chuck Jigsaw, Job Job in Korea. It is useful. "

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