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Swan, the nation's first AI Speech Recognition Administrative Services (political / social)

Suhon Market (left) and Suh Won (left) took part in the Digital Summoner Vision Declaration Ceremony held at Suwon City Hall Meeting Room on the 14th. (Photo = Advertising in Nam)

Suhon Market (left) and Suh Won (left) took part in the Digital Summoner Vision Declaration Ceremony held at Suwon City Hall Meeting Room on the 14th. (Photo = Advertising in Nam)

(Kyonggi = NSP statement) Nam Sung-jin reporter = Gjondzi do Suwon (Mayor Tae-new) will set up an integrated platform for the first time in local government for the first time to locate voice-based mobile administrative services based on artificial intelligence technology.

Suwon City announces its Digital Suwon Vision at 11:00 in the City Hall Meeting Room on February 14th and will introduce the technology of artificial intelligence recognition service, which is the main mobile integrated platform service to be built by the next 2021.

Integrated platform is a service that can access all information and services related to Suwon City. Traffic and culture events, prosperity, weather conditions and atmospheric environments.

The Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition Service (Suwon City Symbolic Symbols) uses AI to guide various city administrative services in digital voices.

When you use the smartphone app and ask a question, Suwon recognizes the user's voice and voice responses. For example, "Suwon ah!" Where is the nearest public health center for vaccination against influenza? "

The main service of the Hahnhat platform is Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition, callbot counseling service, And pedometer services.

The call center chatbot advisory service is to implement the artificial intelligence call center business and Suwon ah! Walking Pull-up Service is a system that allows you to use points accumulated at the merchant's location, depending on the number of steps.

In August, Suwon City, which began to develop an information strategy plan for building an integrated platform, collected data for planning through interviews with departmental staff and organized a design workshop with residents, government officials and experts (Dankook University Software Development Convergence Center). We have identified demand-driven population services provided by the integrated platform.

"We want to change the administration based on experience and intuition into a system of scientific decision-making based on digital data. We will improve the quality of life of citizens through technology and create a digital water source without the lack of digital information.

Lee Han-gyu, the First Vice-Premier of Suwon, introduced the administration of data, including the creation of a civilization analysis platform based on Big Data, analyzing the ecology of the city center by rebuilding Chonggwangyeongyeongyeokyookyeo, Suwon Ya-Ya

The company also announced plans to create an information platform cloud (2018 ~ 2020) and a large data platform (2018 ~ 2020), as well as integrated platforms (2019 ~ 2021).

The implementation of the cloud-based information system, which began this year, is to gradually turn the aging services of urban areas into cloud computing needs by 2020.

Cloud Computing – The Fourth Industrial Revolution – is a technology that can allocate computing resources, such as servers and storage, as needed.

By creating a cloud, information and communication resources can be flexibly used to maximize accessibility and use it flexibly. Server construction costs and maintenance costs are also reduced.

The city signed a business agreement with Duncan University after declaring its visibility and decided to work with the government to create demand-driven governance based on the 4th industrial revolution.

Under the agreement, the two organizations will work together to move towards demand-driven informatization of the population, to implement creative solutions, to jointly explore a new technology policy based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution to create creative talent and open public services through design thinking.

"In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, Suh strives to provide administrative services, not government services, rather than provide suppliers through the creation of governance among citizens, public officials and experts, the Integrated Platform will be the first step towards moving our city to Smart City."

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