Tuesday , February 7 2023

Sports Korea: "Get ready for the new season" NC Dong-wook, focusing on equal competition


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[스포츠한국 박대웅 기자] NC's new trainer Lee Dong-uook promotes preparations for the new season with communication and equal competition.

NC athletes in the CAMP 1 (ending camp) schedule are scheduled to play 6 times a day from March 8th to 24th. Before the time gets colder, I try to test my feelings.

Director Lee Dong-vaux, who visited last week's three weeks in a row for about two weeks, said, "I was learning to focus on quality rather than on quantity. Instead of spending a lot of time on athletes, I urged them to work on their training, focusing on a special attention and sense of purpose within the set time. We have confirmed the hope that we can expect better results next season. "

The coach then said, "As a trainer, I tried to see the merits of all the players. Coaches also wanted to connect with players individually through interviews or conversations before training." I believe players have the opportunity to get to know others through a dialogue with coaches, since there are also new coaches, "he said, emphasizing the importance of communication.

First of all, there are a lot of injured players in the 2018 season, so this boss also talks about injury management with a part of the trainer. Lee supposes that all players must be able to compete in equal positions according to their abilities.

NC athletes were involved in the practice of protecting and playing the baseball game in specific situations, as well as pitching form and other methods in this first CAMP training session. We will look at how athletes will visit Cheongpyeong and will train battery and 2019 season recordings.

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