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Son Hye-won "Be careful not to be misled by my sister"

[사진 방송화면 캡처]

[사진 방송화면 캡처]

Independent Sung Hye-won, a 30-year-old self-help veteran, said, "It's your fault if someone tells you you're your younger brother. Be careful," he said.

"I am sorry that my sister has placed a monster called Sung Hye and I trick all nations in lies and mislead the public in my family," an implicit who claims to be his son's lawyer. This is one answer.

The son said, "Gamers are trying to raise money from all around me." My sister told me she had borrowed money from her supporters while she showed her family certificate that her sister was Sung Hye Won. It was not a gambling book, ”he said.

"It seems 20 years have passed since I and my family have not met my sister," she said. I knew my mother would go to her brother once a month for four years and put the money. "

"My mother, grandfather and grandmother are Jehovah's Witnesses, but I am a Protestant," he said, referring to his brother's assertion that "the son of Jehovah was a Jehovah's Witness to college." Members of the Church. "

"It's easy to write on the bulletin board, and I'm afraid it will continue," said Son. "I won't believe all the fake news in the press, but I can't believe my story is no longer reliable. I tell you."

Sohn said, "I still regret that I insist on innocence (for Mokpo speculation). Because I am now innocent," he said. "I think prosecution will reveal everything with a harsh process."

"I wrote an article as if I wanted the store to be good, and I can't talk about when I go," said Son, who said that he wanted to make the old history of the Seoul station with his lacquerware store he created for crafts. in the museum.

"If there is a chance in the future, the place will require a craft museum," he said. "Without making so much money, you can create an appropriate museum."

"I am grateful for your support and will remain innocent until the end," said Sohn, who specified various suspicions. "I am preparing civil and criminal proceedings against several media companies."

Reporter Bae Jae-sung

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