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Recognition of victims of non-state individuals in cases of direct violence
The court is "disadvantaged"

Seo Ji-hyeon, who inspired the community

Seo Ji-hyeon, who has inspired Mani too, has launched a lawsuit against Ahn Tae-geun, a former Seoul district prosecutor's office, for a press conference on this issue. United Nations news

Seo Ji-hyeon, who caused the "Man too" movement in society, stands again on the former Ahn Tae-geun stand, which was identified as the culprit.
This time, it is considered that the security officer is slightly different from the previous testimony, as he is recognized as a genuine victim of a claim to engage in unlawful retaliation (delaying abuse of power). The judge, Chief Justice of the Seoul Central District Court of the Supreme Court, accepted the prosecutor's request from the Security Manager on December 12 and decided to launch the witness newspaper as a victim on November 17.
The former lawyer participated in the prosecution proceedings as a witness in July, but asked for another opportunity to declare his case about the victim, stating that at that time he did not base false allegations on other references.
Section 294-2 of the Criminal Procedure Law. The article states that "if the victim or legal representative is charged with an offense, the victim must be presented as a witness."
However, it is difficult to assess whether a security officer suspects that he is abusing the office of Attorney General at the Ministry of Justice when staff officials have abused their power to give an unfair access to the victim of sexual abuse. The reason for the abolition of the right to abuse of power in relation to the abuse of powers imposed on a security officer is because legal protection is a "fair function of the State functions", so it can be considered a case where the state is first damaged. The court ruled that "this case is a disadvantage and Seo Ji-hyun was a victim."
"This was a very important decision, which the judge accepted positively," said Seo Gi-ho, the legal representative of the prosecutor's office, who said: "There was no legal basis or precedent for the victim's status of abuse of power.
The lawyer added that he was the first to acknowledge the victim's status as a claim of abuse of power.
Meanwhile, prosecution is currently being investigated if judge farmers' allegations in the next court proceeding can affect the decision. It is anticipated that during the prosecution it is alleged that authorities have abused their powers to a large number of people during the investigation of suspicious cases in holding holdings.
"If we look at this case, the victim will be able to express her opinion in the case of a trial," said Seo.
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