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Cho Young-min · Kim Eun-gi Professor Group, "Health to G"
List of outstanding research reports … Health to G. Acquisition of European certification

(Left) Professor Cho Young-min, Professor Eun Ki Kim.
(Left) Professor Cho Young-min, Professor Eun Ki Kim.

When using a smartphone, diabetes treatment programs are beneficial for the treatment of patients.

SEOUL, January 9 (Yonhap). Professor Cho Young-min and Professor Kim Eun-min, Professor Cho Young-min, have shown that the use of type 2 diabetes management in smartphone applications is effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

This study is the world's leading institution for diabetes mellitus <당뇨병 관리(Diabetes Care)> This was announced in a recent edition.

Professor Chow, together with HealthConnect, developed the second type of diabetes care application "Health to G" last year. Subsequently, 172 patients with diabetes were divided into G and blood sugar levels and were observed for 24 weeks.

As a result, it was found that the use of HealthOn G is much more effective than the mean reduction of 0.06% in the handwriting group, and a 0.4% reduction in glucose hemoglobin.

Especially in patients with high glucose hemoglobin or insulin, there was a higher hypoglycaemic effect.

In patients with HbA1c greater than 8.0%, blood glucose was 0.87% and 0.30%, respectively 0.74% and 0.15%, respectively.

This figure is about a single dose of diabetes.

In addition, 31.1% of patients taking HealthOn G had less than 7.0% glucose without hypoglycemia, which was 1.82 times higher than 17.1% of manual entries.

During the study, both the severity of hyperglycaemia and the incidence of hypoglycaemia were not different, thus demonstrating the efficacy and safety of the system.

HealthOnG consists of patient applications that support diabetes self-administration and the Internet healthcare system that monitors and manages patient data.

Patient applications include blood glucose control, diet management, exercise management, and social networking. Automatic calls are also included to automatically connect to the hospital call center in an emergency and take appropriate action.

First of all, the power of HealthOnG is to maximize the feedback. Diabetic patients are divided into 4 groups according to prescription status, and body fat indices, dietary habits and physical activity abilities are assessed using questionnaires to provide customized review reports and pop-ups.

In addition, we developed and used an insulin dose control algorithm that can safely and effectively measure blood glucose levels in order to achieve target blood glucose levels.

Professor Cho Young-min said: "It is designed to automatically enter data using Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter and Activity Meter." It is more precise and more comfortable than the existing system. "

Last year, HealthOn G, the diabetes management platform, was the first Korean company to gain approval for the Korea Food and Drug Administration. In June this year CE received CE, which means that all EU Member States adopt the standard.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom will develop the "Travel Trainer Diabetes" service that was developed using this study and will be released free of charge this month.

* Glycosylated hemoglobin

Hemoglobin, also called hemoglobin, is added to glucose and becomes sugar cane. If the glucose hemoglobin ratio is less than 5.7%, it is normal and, if it is more than 6.5%, it is diabetes. The average glucose in the blood is 7% glucose hemoglobin at 154 mg / dl. Every 1% of your blood sugar increases by about 30 mg / dl.

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