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MK News – Hard to transport Kim, Seo Hyung, "SKY Castle" … Kim Joo-young, holding the castle and shaking


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Image descriptionKim Seo-hyung, "SKY Castle" to End Hard Carry Photography = HB Entertainment, Drama House

[MBN스타 신미래 기자] "SKY Castle" was the end of a real hero – Kim Seo-hyeong.

It is a character that shows the work that the work wants to end from the JTBC Gold Drama SKY Castle (directed by Yoon Hyunmi by Jo Hyun-taek), which lasted one day and was both theme and popular.

The drama "SKY Palace" deals with stories that pass through "entrance exams", gates that successful people and their children have to go through to get recognition in Korea.

Kim Ji Young, who was forced to see Lee Myung-joo (Kim Jung-bin) and Han Seo Jin (Na Jung-ah) before the forced education with a desperate desire for his child with Kay (Joe beauty). Kim Joo-young was well informed about the misconceptions of mothers as anyone else and used them and worked on the storyline line.

Kim Ju – The role of young people is played by Kim Seo – hyoung, who puts the word "admission" and "mother love", shaking the castle, which was built so hard. He appeared as an early admissions coordinator and reviewed all the events and outlined his role. Especially at the last meeting was himself and Han Seons Jean, who killed Hyeon against Hanseo Jin, and it was sharpened that she along with this tragedy.

In addition, "SKY Castle" is a work that will ultimately tell you about family and mother love, and Kim Soo-hyeong also expressed her character.

The second half of the drama condensed mother –

Finally, all the intentions and in-depth questions to the public can be seen as the true character of the drama, showing Kim Joo-young played by Kim Seo-hyung.

Kim Seo-hyung, who completely digested a character who was convincing in acting. It should be noted that the SKY castle, which produced the life of the audience, will have a strong role as a hidden work, and what synergy will be with the works with which he or she will meet in the future. Shinmirae reporter [email protected]

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