Sunday , March 26 2023

Kim Hyong is nominated as a researcher at the LG Economic Research Institute


Kim Hyung, Trade Policy Specialist

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy has been appointed as a private policy specialist in the field.

December 19, Kim Hyung-ju, researcher at the LG Economic Research Institute<사진>Ministry of Trade, Industry and Trade.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade (MOC) is responsible for the implementation and implementation of domestic policies and the development of policies to support the use of related industries and enterprises in the framework of the conclusion of trade agreements.

The new Commissioner, Kim Kim, will conduct a comprehensive review of the internal and international economic environment associated with the trade agreement, as well as the impact of the trade agreement in the future. I answer

In the last 23 years, Kim has been a researcher at the Economics Research Department at LG Economic Research Institute. He is an economist who has carried out macroeconomics in various studies, including trade, trade, investment and economic growth at universities and research institutes, both at home and abroad.

In addition, he has a wealth of experience in negotiating government policy on trade and trade-related issues, such as LZP's policy advice, and has international relevance and understanding of trade and commerce through continuous research, documentation, books and analysis of issues. "

This is especially the case when experts with the knowledge and policy competencies needed to conduct a business in the ordinary field were discovered using government-run hunting. It was rated as the right person in the office of the usual local politics, which needs a wealth of experience to strengthen effective local industry support through the trade agreement I received

Kim Jong, an information plan manager responsible for hunting government officials at the National Affairs Office, explained: "We have introduced great private experts who can strategically respond to various issues, while promoting trade policies to stimulate economic growth in innovation." .

Kim said, "Based on extensive private sector trading experience, Kim said:" We are working to prevent losses to local industry and increase the use of free trade agreements by promoting domestic countermeasures and trade facilitation policies in the trade agreement. I will use it. "

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