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"I Want to Hold My Place" – The New York Times

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"I can do better."

Newcastle United (29, Newcastle United) did not hide their desire to compete.

"In the first few months, it would have been a lie if I were not hard," British media chronicled Gi Sung Yong on Tuesday. "But I was waiting for that because it's a huge club." I was exposed.

Kee Sung-Yong joined Newcastle for free, but he had to endure difficulties as they had fewer opportunities for business. There were no injuries, but there was plenty of work to keep a step from the midfielder competition that Zeljko Shelby continued.

However, Ki Sung-yong was hit by some players. Over the past four days, Watford played the substitute, but helped the team win the season's first win. Prior to August 11, Bournemouth, he was the starter and helped the team win a sensational pass, like a shoe rod. Newcastle, who has won two consecutive wins, has moved from the releasing zone to the 14th place. In the meantime, Ki Sung Yong is changing the minds of Newcastle's trainer Rafael Benitez.

"If we show our team level, we can stay in the league. It was a hard time two and a half months, but now we are stable, and we look forward to the rest of the season."

In particular, Gi Sung-Yong said: "I think I can do better, but I can do better. I want to do better. I want to get more and help more teams, but because I have many good players in my position, "I want to keep my position, sometimes I can get injured and I can be expelled from my ride, so I want to keep going," he did not hide his desire for competitive position.

Ki Sung Yong is a football team trainer led by Paulo Bento. But this time it did not worry. I talked to Bentoo and decided to postpone it. Ki Sung Yong is looking for this place with a compelling place.

"We need to focus on every game, this time I'm not detaining the national team, but I can not be sure that the rest will help us," he said. But if we take too long, this may not be the case, we have to think about what we have done and think about how we can do better. "

"They have a very good team, I've seen them for years, they create opportunities and transfer the ball," said Kim. Particularly, RonDon did well in front of us, we have confidence and it will be useful for competition. "

"We have to keep our skills now, because we have won two games now, we need more points," said Lee, stressing the need for victory. "It was a great game that we could raise to ourselves, and now we need to find stability," he said. "The season is long and we should not be too excited." /[email protected]

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