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"I love you" It was a tug of war.

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The last appearance of the last actress Gangson, who left the sky from heaven, was revealed.

MBC program in place 13, "The Human Documentary is Good," leaving the world on April 4 to highlight Gang Shin Sung's life and the latest official event to reveal his capture.

In 1960, he debuted with the movie "Romance Papa", directed by Shin Sang-ok, and Kangson-sunilu, who was an icon of the ages and a Korean cinematic symbol, was diagnosed with lung cancer and closed his eyes one year later. My second daughter, Kang Soo-Hwa, during my team recognized my father's fights before my father dies.

The history of the 2018 Busan International Film Festival, which took place officially during the last surviving period of the deceased, will also be revealed for the first time. The deceased was forced to wear a neck protector for cancer cells transferred to his neck, with painkillers on both hands with two sisters, but director Lee Chang-ho and a movie "It was because of his love for Korea.

Another reason was to destroy some of the deaths and keep them alive. He is enormous in the Korean film industry and looks at his true three weeks before his death and his passion for the film.

In addition, there will be an unfamiliar story about her husband and father, Gachijin Sungil, and her family, who hates hatred but can not hate it. The broadcast is at noon. 8:55 pm 13

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