Thursday , February 25 2021

I do not pay taxes … High prices,

The government and municipalities have issued a list of people who have paid more than 10 million victories over a year. They do not have real money and do not pay taxes. There are many painters with glass pockets.

Reporter Working Kyu.


Among the officials and offenders who came to receive tax

[김 모 씨 (1천200여만 원 체납) : 대기업에서 받아. 대기업에서. 나한테 와서 아무리 씨름해봤자 나오는 게 없어!]

Since 2001 resident tax amounted to 12 million euros.

[당신이 뭔데 판단해! 당신이 세무서장이야?]

This offender has gained more than € 200 million in real estate acquisition tax, which has not been paid since 2007.

It is said that, although there is the fact that a riding horse is operating and the building is owned by Gangnam, Seoul,

[장 모 씨 (2억여 원 체납) : 제 얘기를 좀 들어주세요. 제가 이걸 안 내려는 게 아니라고요. 제가 어려워서….]

When I opened the wardrobe, I saw a luxurious clock and a ring.

A total of 9403 people who have not paid more than 10 million local taxes over the years have reached 543 billion euros.

The government and local authorities have indicated their names, age, job, addresses and offenses on the Internet site in accordance with applicable laws.

Ak Moon-cheol, former Prime Minister of Bohai Savings Bank, was the biggest offender for the second year in a row, and Dream Herb, a developer of the Yongsan Territory Development project, was named the top corporation of the corporation list.

The list includes former presidents Chun Doo-hwan, Kim Woo-jung and Chung Tae-soo.

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