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Huawei Chairman "Rejection of Government Information Request … Trump is a Great President" –


Eve 2019.01.15 21:15

"If the Chinese government requests confidential information from Huawei's customers, it will say no."

In the midst of the US-China trade conflict, Huawei has received a full western ally test. It's only about six weeks since the former Uri party's former vice president, Mun Wang Woo, arrested last month, accusing US trade sanctions against the US in Vancouver, Canada.

On January 15, 2019, the founder and chairman of Reng Qing Fei Huawei met and interviewed foreign journalists at Huawei University, Shenzhen, China. / AP news

Meeting with foreign reporters at Huawei University in Shenzhen, China, Lee said: "I ask what to do if the Chinese government requires sensitive information about Huawei's customers or their networks.

"We have never been in regular contact with the Chinese government," he said, referring to the allegations that Huawei planted spy chips on communication equipment and assisted Chinese intelligence. "I love my country and support the Communist Party," he said. "But I won't do anything that threatens the world." "I don't think there is a close link between my political conviction and Huawei's leadership," he said.

Speaking of the US-China trade conflict, he said: "Huawei has reduced Huawei's role by saying that it has been unable to sow seeds in trade disputes between China and the United States." President Trump is a great president, "said Donald Trump. has introduced a huge tax cut that benefits businesses. "

Meanwhile, he stressed that "foreign companies and countries need to invest in the US and the government should do it well to ensure sufficient tax."

Lun has officially interviewed foreign media for about four years since 2015. "The emergence of the president's launch reveals the depth of Huawei, the largest symbol of growing China's progressive technology," said Bloomberg.

Brock Silver, CEO of Kai Yuan Capital, a Shanghai investment consulting firm, said: "It's a wise move that he's not much interviewed and he's a smart step." Threat to Huawei's business in Europe is important, President's public remarks show how seriously he sees this situation. "

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