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Harvard scientists have argued that the "Omuamaa" alien creature that came into the solar system might be a spacecraft.


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An alien's space ship might be a study of a large, oblong rock object, Omuamaa, flying in the solar system with a "weird acceleration."

In an article written by two Harvard scientists on November 12th in an Astrophysical Letter, Omuumea argued that "indirect civilization can be a well-functioning probe that is deliberately sent to the ground."

Last year, Oma Anua was first discovered in the Maui Observatory for the Sun. Therefore, the Hawaiian native language, Omuamu, means "to explore". This discovery did not coincide with the scientists.

Soon it was argued that the peculiar forms and speed of poetry sent them from extant civilizations. No radio wave detector. There is a comet, but comets usually have tails, but Omuamua has no tails.

Harvard astronomer director Abi Loeb and PhD scholar Schuell Biale again raised the possibility of a strange spacecraft or spacecraft.

"Omoomic motion disagreements" are that "Omuomyu is not a coincident trajectory, but rather a probe toward the goal," they claimed. Roebs explained in the Universe Today e-mail that it might be probes shipped for "research purposes in the Solar System."

It is also possible that the phenomenon that occurs naturally can fly through the universe. He also says that it might be a strange space ship using an artificial light sail technology that moves stars in a flash of fuel.

"There are some details about the trajectory of this object that can not be explained otherwise. Therefore, I wrote a paper to recommend this explanation. My approach to this question is purely scientific and reasonable," said Loeb at Boston Globe.

At the Boston Globe e-mail, Andrew Simion of SETI Research Center at Berkeley said the article was "very interesting."

"A careful observation of observational anomalies, such as those found in Omu's, is how we make new discoveries in astrophysics, which is what makes a truly amazing discovery, for example, by discovering a sensible creature from Earth."

But SETI's main astronomer Sets Shostoks, NBC's email, said: "It's not amiss to accept this wise hypothesis if there is an unusual opportunity for complications or asteroids from a distance."

Oma Amua is the first indirect object in the solar system. It is now getting far and it seems that it can not happen again.

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