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Goodbye Hillman "I was happy for two years.

"My time, which I spent in Korea for two years, was incredibly fantastic
And I was happy for two years in Korea. "

Trailman (55), who led SK Wyvern's fourth victory, was blown away by the eye. The interpreter who was next to him and the head of the public relations team who stood behind him also emitted tears. After completing the press conference, Hillman said safely: "Thank you!" Hillman decided to return to the United States to care for his mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease before the screening of a post. The SK players who heard the news won the final goal of Hillman's manager with a beautiful goal. And I won the championship.

SK Wyvernss manager Trace Hillman, who won the championship, congratulates him on words that mean

SK Wyvernss manager Trace Hillman, who won the championship, greets him with words that say "I love you". [연합뉴스]

"If you play a professional baseball game in Korea after Japan and the United States, you will become a true global coach."

Min Kyung-sam, a former head of SK corporation, who visited the Trailer Hillman (55) office in Austin, Texas, in October 2016, said: Un Hillman accepted the CEO of SK. Hillman led the Japan Nihon Fighters (2003-07) and Kansas City Royals (2008-10). As a leader in Japan, I was interested in an Asian baseball. But Korean baseball game has never received any suggestions. It was SK who offered leadership in the KBO League Club and that the club manager directly attended the house. Minson said: "Everybody thought," is such a great director going to Korea? "However, Hillman was very pleased with the visit by the SK officials." I was impressed with detailed investigations and detailed remarks on Korea's baseball, "he said.

Hillman's inmate was "World Trainer". "I spent some months thinking of going to the USA from Japan, but I only needed two weeks to go to Korea," he said. Hillman, who signed with Cleveland Indians in 1985 as an incident, stayed in minions' league for three years and raised .150. So he retired early and began his career as a leader since 1990. At that time he was 27 years old. And this year he became the leader who has been the first Korean, US and Japanese baseball game for 28 years.

SK players hurt Hillman. [연합뉴스]

SK players hurt Hillman. [연합뉴스]

Hillman was a unique "gentleman leader" when he took office. The Korean baseball related to education and delays has a clear distinction between manager and player. It was not easy for the athletes to come into action even if the coach said "comfortable". So Hillman went to the players to speak first and then skinship to change the way he noticed the coach.

Before playing, I was batting right at the time and did not care about the stress of players. Last season, when the declining outsourcing company Ji-yoon Jae-yong, who was a passive person, said, "It's good to strike me" to alleviate his stress. In fact, Ji-yoon got home and then hit Hillman's boss with her sister.

This year, Kim Kang-min, Park Jung-kwon and other veteran strikers inevitably had to be sent to Group 2. However, the team's elders want to be proud, so I asked Kim Moo-kwan, a 2-ply leader: "Please take care of the day and feel the slightest change." Kim Kang-min and Park Jung-kwon were worried about their retirement, but continued their careers with careful care by Hillman. And in the autumn he played a big stick on baseball.

"For the first time, I've been disappointed with the difficulty of the players," Hillman said. "I talk with gamers every day with consistency and sincerity, because it's hard to build the confidence of players when they change their names." The proposal for trainers and participants was also very positive. Group leader Song Il-il said: "I requested a meeting with team trainer staff every two weeks, but they were happy to host it, so I could put in a lot of players who played in the second group."

Trainer Hillman SK, who shortens his hair to donate children with cancer. Right is Hillman's wife Marie helping Kurt. [사진 SK 와이번스]

Trainer Hillman SK, who shortens his hair to donate children with cancer. Right is Hillman's wife Marie helping Kurt. [사진 SK 와이번스]

Hellman's delightful behavior and jokes made the players comfortable. Hillman has appeared as an actor at a Kim Bo-sung meeting with his fans last year. He likes the songs are the coastal berths that SK fans like. I also lifted my head for more than a year to donate to the wigs of men for children. "I think I'll have to do it," he said.

Hillman is the master of emotional regulation. Choi Hong Sung, SK manager, who interpreted Hillman last season, said: "Hillman has never been angry." Hillman often cheered at jokes at press conferences throughout the entire post. The question: "Do you wear a mask with a lot of fine dust," I laughed, "I used it to cover the ugly face." The expression does not change even if we lose the game. Head Hillman said: "If I get a lot of anger, the players will not see me."

Hillman is a "nice man" club manager. Required driving requirement. Hillman identifies the best strategy with given power. SK has decided to transform itself into a "home-run housing" for several years with relatively small stadiums and has recruited a large number of cannons. Hearing, Hillman nodded: "I will prepare for him." He actively used Kim Dong-yeop and Jung Yoon Yoon as well as Choi Jung and Jamie Roach. Last year there were a lot of homes going, but the average weight was low. This year, he emphasized contact and excellence. As a result, last year's average weighting was increased from 0.271 to 0.281, and similarly, the launch results were maintained (234 to 233).

Hillman went to the United States on March 16th. I ask him: "Do you have a plan to return to Korea in the future?" "I do not know if he will come as a coach, but late to come to Korea and come to see the SK group," he said.

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