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Establishment of a "Center for the Development of Vitebsk Forest" Yanglim-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju

BI (Brand Identity) design at Yanglim-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju.

BI (Brand Identity) design at Yanglim-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju.[광주 남구 제공]

(Gwangju = Yonhap News) Cheonjungin reporter = The Young Forest Cow, Youth Cultural & Art Space, is located in Yanglim-dong, Gwangju, which is the center of contemporary history and culture.

Nam-gu commissioned a Gwangju order to implement the Willow Forest's latest design site design.

The Willow Forest Young Creative Craft, advertised as one of the New Transaction Projects of the Earth, Transport and Maritime Affairs, enters the Yangrying Ave of 690 square meters on the third floor above the ground.

The first floor of the youth creative store serves as an exhibition space for exhibitions and art works by young artists, as well as a place for tourists to enjoy their own crafts.

Private studios and living rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors respectively.

By 2020, € 5 billion will be invested, including government budgets, and Namgu will provide design services at € 140 million.

Namgu will order services as soon as the Gwangju City Contract Check is completed.

(TF) team, which involves citizens, experts and other artists who want to engage in the discussion of the smooth management of young people's creative space.

Previously Namgu was selected as the target area of ​​the New Transaction Project of the Ministry of Land, Transportation and Marine Affairs in 2017, providing a 20 billion-dollar government-funded and city-wide benefit to the Yanglim-dong rehabilitation project.

Namgu plans to set up a "Cultural Exchange Center" that will work with residents and writers to create works of art as well as youth resource centers as well as the restoration of settlement locations for lodging centers.

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