Tuesday , March 9 2021

Dokdo Island collides with the North East Sea … Major group "13 people energy structure"

Docdo [중앙포토]

Docdo [중앙포토]

In the sea near Dokdo collided a Korean private fishing boat with a Japanese national fishing boat.

On friday at noon 9:38, two Korean ships, including a Korean private fishing boat and a Japanese-owned fishing boat, collided with each other at sea 333km northeast of Dokdo.

It is reported that the incident has flooded one of the 48-tonne long-liners, Moon Chang-ho (Tongyoung Shipping). Immediately after an accident, a private fishing vessel operating in the immediate vicinity was sent to rescue 13 crew members from the Moon's Chang-ho.

The Central Disaster Security Department of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security said that all 13 people were rescued. No damage was found.

Meanwhile, Donghae Hae Kyung sent security and rescue helicopters to the accident site to determine the cause of the accident.

At the same time it is reported that Japanese fishing boats are not damaged.

Lee Min-jung, reporter [email protected]

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