Wednesday , March 3 2021

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On December 14, KPN headquarters in Kangnam and Jeollanamdo (Governor Kim Young-rok) and Nai (Mayor Kang In-kyu) will sign a deal to create a good food chain and balanced development.

Under this agreement, local agricultural products will first be consumed locally, mainly in public cafes, restaurants, etc. △ Fresh and safe food supply △ Increasing the income of small and medium-sized farms △ Creating local jobs, such as processing △ Reducing distribution costs and food mileage.

Public authorities will use local food such as souvenirs of events, corrosion services and holiday gifts, as well as restaurant meals, while the Food and Drink Division supports local food supply production, processing and distribution facilities. The Jeollanam-do and Nayu City provide a solid and stable local food. The national authorities and Nahi City plan to promote mutual exchange and cooperation projects, such as the experience of local food production and processing.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry plans to distribute a public catering service model to other innovative cities to use local dishes in an easily refurbished, innovative city. In this regard, the government plans to set up a food industry, (Pre-Name), and will support the related agricultural and forestry business from 2019 as a package.

Participation in commercial agreements 14 state institutions

Korean Electricity Corporation, Korean Electricity Corporation, Korean Electricity Corporation, Korean Electricity Corporation, Korean Creative Content Agency, Korean Institute of Rural Economy, National KDN, Korean Electricity Corporation, KEPCO KPS, Radio Research Institute, Training Center for Agricultural Food Officers, Postal Services Business Information the center

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