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"Breast Cancer Treatment Ends is Breast Restoration Surgery"

Jennifer Kiggle, a breast surgery specialist at Good Samaritan Hospital, was invited to a monthly meeting of the Breast Cancer Support Group "Shine" to ask a question and answer session. Left is President Katherine Kim.

A few years ago, the laws urged surgeons to send breast cancer patients to a breast reconstructive surgeon before a breast surgery to discuss breast reconstruction plans after ablation. This is a big issue for breast cancer patients. Shine (Chair, Katharine Kim), Korean Breast Cancer Patient Support Group, regular monthly meetings at Center 8 of the Samaritan Cancer Center. On this day, the Jennifer Keagle (Sambo Hospital) breast reconstruction specialist was invited to a question and answer the question of restoration surgery.

– What is the content of the recently introduced law?

"In the past, the general surgeon who had done mastectomy was not obliged to inform the patient about the possibility of renewal and to renew it, but from two to three years. Previously, it was lawfully stated that the patient was sent to a plastic surgeon specializing in the reconstruction of the chest to help them Understanding the importance of recovery, as well as the possibility of recovery. The patient has the right to undergo a reconstructive surgery, but Korean women (Asian women) do not seem to know it. "

– How do you think why Korean women do not undergo restorative surgery after breast reduction due to breast cancer?

"It seems that this is due to the lack of information from a personal perspective, rather than a professional analysis. This is not an extension of the treatment of breast cancer that is absolutely necessary for the restoration of the operation. There is a misconception that insurance coverage is not included and there is a misconception that breast cancer The end of the treatment is restorative surgery, I want you to understand that it belongs to you. The restoration surgery means the rights of breast cancer patients. "

– what is insurance coverage;

"In addition to Medicare, Plains medicine and Obama Care, coverage covers the same treatment as breast cancer, but you must first check with your doctor what kind of insurance you will be available to."

– How do you do breast augmentation surgery? Please explain it briefly and easily.

"It is an operation to artificially breastfeed as close as possible to the original breast shape after a partial resection or complete resection surgery. As the surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction is primarily surgically performing, the entire breast is removed by inserting a parachute to increase the skin (using brine or air) and when it reaches the desired size, the removal device is removed and silicone or brine In some cases, some tissues are removed from the patient's abdomen, back and thighs and transplanted into an ablation site that is a complex process and cancer patients need mastectomy Cancer Cells. Before Getting The Breast Surgeons And Surgeons That Get You The Best Way It's important for good advice. "

– When should I get a recovery operation?

"This may happen shortly after the ablation, and in that case, the reconstructive plastic surgeon may enter surgery with a general surgeon, or it may be after radiation or chemotherapy. The time is determined by the doctor."

– Is it possible to restore surgery after almost 10 years after breast cancer treatment?

"There are many patients who do not undergo a rehabilitation operation immediately after ablation, but they want to do it over the years.

– Is it possible to restore if the chest removes mastectomy?

"It can be done as much as possible. Pull out the elongated round of the skin and sew to create a nipple and a tattoo on the girth to restore it in the shape of the original nipple. Today, This is a permanent tattoo in some way."

– What is the procedure for a reconstructive surgery after radiation therapy?

"It is first possible to remove the upper skin tissue with radiation therapy, then restore the implants or transplant operations."

How a restoration surgery helps a patient's life.

"Breast cancer patients are seriously traumatized by women's sexuality due to mastectomy, which makes it difficult to fight cancer." Each time you look in the mirror, the absence of a breast causes psychological depression and depression. Restoration surgery restores mental stability, It helps to maintain the right attitude, and it will directly relate to the recovery of life. "

– Are there any side effects of surgery?

"In many cases, after the recovery operation, there is little pain that is not difficult to recover compared to other operations, but sometimes in patients with a sensitive bloody condition in which pain and stiffness are felt during skin and muscle relaxation. If possible, you can use the pain package and use it it's with hot hot packs that are different from the usual chest aesthetic surgery that many korean women imagine. "

– How should I go after my hands restoration surgery?

"If you have an implanted implant, it is advisable to replace it every 10 to 12 years. If implants do not overflow and there is no adhesion on the implant, you do not need to replace it. I do not think that after a restoration surgery you have to worry about how to keep up with you if you contact regularly your doctor and follow the instructions carefully. "

– What advice could you give to Korean women?

"Restoration surgery for breast cancer patients is an extension of the treatment for breast cancer, so I strongly recommend that you not take into account the benefits and obtain the necessary restoration surgery with your own insurance. If you are over 70 years old or if you feel that it is not necessary, I also recognize that even if one breast is reconstructed, it will be insured even if you perform a balanced operation that matches the size and height of another breast. I hope that more women will have access to Korean women and that many breast cancer patients will be healthy and happy.

▶ Shine Contact: Katherine Kim (323) 229-2725

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