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Aid to victims of fires in Jongno city … Living expenses, living expenses


SEOUL, January 10 (Yonhap) – South Korean Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency will begin providing relief to victims of the disaster on Tuesday.

March 9 at 5 m In the Goshwon building in the Gosu-dong city of Jongno-gu valley, seven people and 11 injured were killed on the third floor of the building. The fire started at the electric heater no. 301, located on the third floor.

They were transferred to Hannah's Sacred Heart Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital and Shinchon Severance Hospital. Most of them were aged 53 to 79 years old. 53 year old died in Japan. This Japanese was not a tourist but a resident of Korea.

In the case of victims 2 patients, 5 relapsing patients and 3 underage patients. One person received only first aid. About 236 people, including 173 firefighters and 40 police officers, were turned off at noon. 7:00.

The area has created a temporary residence in the Auditorium Center Jongro 1, 2, 3, 4, 26 fire victims. Sixteen of them allowed to move to accommodation in this area according to their wishes. The Seoul Emergency Welfare Support System will provide one month living and living allowance of 300,000 per household.

Special support staff will be organized in the city, for example, studying the needs of the families of the victims and introducing the individual victim's individual service. In addition, by confirming whether the building is insured or not, it is possible to compensate for the accident, as it is in the field of fire safety.

The building was an underground floor and three stories on the ground and was approved for use on December 13, 1982 and approved for use on August 30, 1983. It is located on the 2nd to the 3rd floor above the ground. 24 rooms on the second floor, 29 rooms on the third floor and 1 roof.

The building was completed in 1983 and received a fire certificate before the revision of the Building Code Decree in 2009. According to the building code, it was registered as an "office" and this year it was not included in the issue of national security assessment. Buildings built before 2009 can only be used after the amendment of the Building Law, not including the new building with existing facilities.

Kim said, "We are deeply grateful to the seven people who died during the fire," said Kim Young-jong. "We are taking measures to ensure the best possible support for victims and families affected.

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