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4 Billion Won Top-Up Fraud – Yang Kyung-sook is also accused of fraud 100 Million Wins –


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Yang Kyung-sook, 21

Yang, Kyung-sook (52), formerly president of Radio 21, who was sentenced to imprisonment earlier, for example, buying 4 billion victories, will be investigated for fraud during this time.

Seoul's Seongdong Police Station said on October 18 that it was being investigated after a complaint was received on February 2 against Jang. In addition, a complaint was filed in Seoul's Yangtze Police Station in Seoul, which allegedly was a fraudulent 30 million.

Yang told the victim: "I would like to borrow money to organize a massages store in the future," and I have to pay for not paying 70 million victories.

According to police reports, Yang has borrowed money from Kim, saying that he had been cruel before, and the Democratic Party decided to give him six billion beneficiaries in exchange for money. It is also known to give blue wristwatch and memorial stamps.

Another victim, Mr Woo, filed a complaint at the Central Office claiming that Yang had not paid 30 million winners, just like Kee.

The Dongsong government official said: "After the complaint process, the test taker was replaced once and now it is a question of interviewing the complainant." The police are planning to continue the investigation based on facts.

Yang will seek to earn a Democratic party's nominee before the general election in April 2012. He was sentenced to three years in prison for having received 4090 million victories from three people, including Lee Yang-ho (58) Bar.

In 2013, he was sentenced to two years in prison for fraud and forgery.

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