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Two men who collide with a private house in a private home in Aomori · Oirase | Hebei Shimbun online news


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Two airmen who collided with a private house in the Azuma car wounded Aomori · Oirase

About Mitsuzawa headbands headed in a house = about 11:35 after July 7, Aiko Oimachi city, Nikkae 4-chome

About noon 8:25 pm 7. A vehicle belonging to the Misawa City Air Defense Forces rushed into the house on the left side of the road on the Okura-cho Aikawae 4-chome national route 338. Men (37) who were driving the vehicle had left their legs, and male members (34) were lightly injured on both legs. Part of the first floor of the house was destroyed, the residents were out and secure. Misawa police are investigating the cause.
According to the Misawa base, etc., the Vehicle is equipped with a wireless relay device and there is no dangerous cargo. On October 7, he arrived at Hachinohe Harbor (Hachinohe City) after he had completed a joint exercise between the United States and Japan at the Land Self-Defense Forces Station (Hidaka-cho, Hokkaido). I was on my way to the Misawa base.
Masakatsu Takegahara Masakatsu Masakatsu (43) from the residents who came to the scene after an accident said: "The vehicle was taken to the living room, if the wife and the child should go another 10 minutes if we were delayed by 15 minutes.) I think I was at home, because if I always stop my car from stopping, I do not care. "
According to the Misawa police station, the site is a gentle and good curve.
In response to an incident, the Defense Ministry, Takako Suzuki, a parliamentarian, visited the victims and apologized on 7 September and apologized.

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