Thursday , January 27 2022

The crucial difference between those who can increase their assets and those who regret it is “waiting for a stock adjustment soon”. Don’t be fooled by immediate market fluctuations PRESIDENT Online


Stock prices rise in anticipation of the “future”

As the market grows in anticipation of the development of a new coronavirus vaccine for pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna, major US stock indices are reaching record levels worldwide.

As vaccines are developed, the economy and our daily lives will be more likely to return to what it used to be. If this happens, the economy and corporate activity may recover and the current significant rise in stock prices may be confirmed.

The spread of the new coronovirus was unexpected this time, and the fall in stock prices in March this year was unthinkable. Despite the fact that available vaccines are still being developed, stock prices have returned and major US stock indices have reached record highs.How investors look forward and move forward,.

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Violent up and down movement is a “thing of recovery”

There are many investors who this time could not enter the stock price recovery trends. But,Stock prices will eventually recover. Meanwhile, you can see some rather intense ups and downs

A good example is the dot-com bubble since 1999, the Leman shock in 2008 and the corona shock.

From an asset management perspective, it is important to manage funds on a regular basis so that they can withstand past shocks and plunge into stock prices, and it goes without saying that risk diversification is essential for this purpose. ..

Therefore, I would first like to confirm the long-term cycle of US stocks.

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