Thursday , August 11 2022

The bracelet is empty. The new iPad Pro, in fact, many applications with a reduced display of black Apple – Engadget Japanese version


The iPhone X and the new iPad Pro without home buttons will return to the home screen by dragging from the bottom of the screen.

Due to the fact that it is clear that this action has been implemented, the start indicator is placed in the site's site where the obstacle is located. Drag the horizontal bar left or right to quickly switch between applications.

If you have an application optimized for the new iPad user interface, including Apple's genuine apps, these bands will appear at the top of the app.

However, if the application is not optimized to prevent interruption between the start indicator and the original application's performance, iOS is designed to reduce the application display area by small size and localized backup locks.

Compare Apple's genuine card with unmatched Google Maps.

Since the same black belt as the frame around the screen (frame), it seems that it would have been thinner. Note that the corner of the liquid crystal display, which was initially cut off in the round direction, is straight 90 degrees.

During the measurement, the original frame width is approximately 9 mm. The "software bezel" (the name I currently make) also increases slightly less than 15 mm.

Although there is a tendency for black bars to be formed left and right, or up and down to maintain the screen-aspect ratio, programs that are not optimized for the new iOS style have a black bar at the top, bottom, right, and left , and the screen is a bit smaller.

Now that the new iPad Pro has just been released, many third-party applications are in this reduced display state (Adobe applications, Google Maps, Fornite, etc.).

But in future applications, an iPad Pro (2018), optimized for screen capture, and an iPad Pro compatible update for each corner should be available.

Since the correspondence should be relatively easy, unless the detailed action buttons are concentrated on the bottom of the screen, even if the developers consider it to be early, they can expect updates.

Please ask iPhone X users who have been at least 1 year since they started, as to how many applications actually were.

(Seriously since the iPhone iPhone XS / XR Home button has gone, optimization may be more aggressive than last year.) Please continue.

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