Monday , February 6 2023

Samsung Displays Prepaid Smartphone Infinity Flex Display | TechCrunch Japan


Samsung, who choked the announcement of a smart smartphone that has long been rumored, showed a prototype terminal with a folding display, or it could be called a presentation.

"How can I magnify the screen without increasing the size of the device?" Samsung executives surveyed the scene.

The company introduced the prototype of the prefabricated Infinity Flex Display. This device, whose drivers appeared in a dark room, was placed in a larger case to "hide the shape factor." The external appearance compared to the main body was placed on a small normal screen, but a large 7.3-inch display was opened.

The downside was a bit surprised because it was placed inside, not the outside, but the more likely the display would be, the more parts of the screen are not needed to become the edge of the terminal.

When the terminal is open, the moved program has been moved from the front display to the tablet-sized display. This is the first feature available in the latest version of Android.

In spite of this "innovation" for the most part, Samsung is not yet ready to launch this type of device. We said that mass production of new displays will begin in the next few months. The company also proposed further communications related to this device, at the next Samsung unpacking event in 2019.

Whether it's Fabreant's future or not, it's clear that it is one of the smartphone-shaping factors in the development trend. Samsung believes that the drop-down display "forms the basis of tomorrow's smartphone", but, of course, it's not yet clear whether it's going to be or not a pioneer.


(Translation: Nob Takahashi / facebook)

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