Sunday , October 2 2022

Ryuo Toyoshima tends to pinch, or Hanyu 9. Dan is self-service or counter-attack … Ryuo Battle 5th Station – Yomiuri Shimbun


  1. Ryuo Toyoshima aims to squeeze, or Hanyu 9. Dan self-service or counterattack … Ryuo Battle 5th StationJomiuri Shimbun
  2. The situation is smooth. Masayuki Toyoshima against Zenji Hanyu Stations 9 and 5 resumes defense or counterattack / Shogi / Ryuo Game 7 (ABEMA TIMES)Yahoo! The news
  3. Is sleep the key to victory? Masayuki Toyoshima Ryuo reveals rainy days “promise nap”, “I wear an eye mask” “Is it a member of encouragement …”[ABEMA TIMES]| ABEMA TIMESTIME
  4. [Ģenerālis, kurš vēro]A person who shines in traditions, a swordsman’s Japanese clothesJomiuri Shimbun
  5. Zenji Hanyu 9. Dan 40 wins, Akira Watanabe 38 wins, 79th station gold card realized in the 3rd round of the NHK Cup on December 6 (Hirofumi Matsumoto) – Yahoo!Yahoo! The news
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