Nishikori Kei (28 = Nissin Foods), the ninth place in the world, will stop the first league B group in the last game against Thai. In the first game Federer (Switzerland) won for the first time in four and eight months, but on this day he won 6th place with Kevin Anderson (South Africa) 0 – 6, 1 – 6. There will be a total of 1 wins and 1 loss, and the semi final will be played on the final match of the same league group B on the 15th.

In the past, Anderson has led six wins and three losses. However, this year I've lost 1 winning and 2 losses. At the end of October, especially at the El Stebank Open (Vienna) final in late October, the first victory of the hike for about two years and eight months was delayed.

Pre-intensely Nishiki shots went over a stroke war. But 203 cm long Anderson carried his foot, even when driving around, the trunk escaped from the shaking. Even during the game, Nishiki lost too much, and the result of the race was also supported.

On this day, I also burned my first servant, relieved of my length and strong stroke. I won the power and decided where the ball becomes shallow. It won 1 victory and 1 loss. To take full advantage of Federer's victory, we can never lose the game with Tham (Austria) in the 15th place.