Tuesday , September 27 2022

Mazda: Improve fuel economy by 30% to release the new Axela, equipped with the next-generation engine – Bloomberg


Mazda will issue a new model Axela (overseas name: Mazda 3), the first vehicle to install the next-generation Sky Active X (X), which was developed independently of the US Los Angeles Auto Show that will be held later this month. I declare

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Source: Mazda Motor Crop.

In caseSky Active X is an internal combustion engine that combines the benefits of high-performance petrol engines and a fuel-efficient diesel engine. For the first time in the world, practical application was made to the engine that burns the gasoline with the compression ignition adopted by the Diesen engine.

Akira Marumoto Interviews with Bloomberg and others, the president explains that Sky Active X will be fitted with a "Mild Hybrid" that supports motor-driven propulsion. Combining the next generation engine with electromotive technology, fuel economy is expected to improve by more than 30%, and it is alleged that it can suppress air pollutant emissions. "We will leverage it from a high-end model and distribute it," and also outlined the idea of ​​extending the target model to a multipurpose sport (SUV).

In October, Mazda announced it will be equipped with motorized technology for all cars produced in 2030. On the other hand, the proportion of pure electric vehicles (EV) will be only 5%, the remaining 95% will be mild hybrids and hybrids added. It is ideal for an internal combustion engine, such as a petrol engine, and is designed to minimize carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions.

Source: Mazda Motor Crop.

In September, the European Union (EU) introduced stricter benchmarks for measuring vehicle exhaust and fuel efficiency. Failure will be imposed if the average carbon dioxide emissions do not reach the target and the emissions target will be further strengthened after 21 years. Mazda will record 10 billion yen, which will affect the strengthening of environmental regulations in Europe in this fiscal year.

Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Analyst Matsushima quoted Mazda as a Japanese car maker, most likely to be affected by the strengthening of environmental regulations in Europe in a September report. Depending on the sales trends of the next generation model it is said that no extra penalties can be denied, etc. Chance. In addition to the lightweight hybrid equipped with Sky Active X, Maruomoto said that in the future he will also introduce electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, he said: "If this happens in accordance with the plan, it will be released from fines in 21 years."

In caseAbout the relationship with Toyota Motor at the Capital Alliance Mr Marumoto is a competition competitor, pointing out that this is the key to continuing the discussions in the field of cooperation, and Sky Active X is "Mazda's identity and strength is one of the brands," he said he did not consider the possibility to offer Toyota.

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