Sunday , June 4 2023

Luck and popularity not related to AKB 48 compete up with only singing power New event – livedoor news


The success and popularity of the AKB Singing Competition is unrelated

On May 5, TBS-administered TBS Channel TB Channel announced "AKB 48 Group Singing No.1 Decision Battle" to decide on the 48th band's most-sung players. A new project that rewards tops with only singing skills that are not related to popularity or luck. It will be noted whether it will take place after the general election, as well as competitive competition.

All participants in 48 groups in Japan are eligible to participate. From the end of November, the candidate's qualification was recognized and he sang his assignment track back to live performances. Members who terminate the qualifying advance for the final tournament to be held at Tokyo Akasaka ACT Theater on January 11 next year.

The authorities said: "Due to the review of music professional musicians, they certainly are not worried about the popularity and luck of their members, it's fruitful to win the crown with their own song power … and a special special Call for reward!" The last tournament will be at. 18.00 on January 11 next year.

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