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Japan vs Kyrgyzstan Summary Director Interview after Game Game Gexaca

[11.20 キリンチャレンジ杯 日本4-0キルギス 豊田ス]

The Japanese side fought against the Kyrgyz Republic. 20th place with Kirin Challenge Cup, winning 4-0.

Below is a summary of the interview by Mori Yuichi, director after the game

● Director of Mori Hoichi
"First of all, I would like to thank all the supporters who cheered the Toyoda stadium for a game against Kyrgyzstan today and the supporters who supported us through the media, all of the members of the Kirin Group, who supported for 40 years, supported us and we continued to grow, thanks to the creation of such an environment, which strengthens Japan. I want to express my gratitude to you and continue to express my heartfelt thanks to FIFA ranking, I believe that Kyrgyzstan is a match considered to be downplayed but players are not anywhere where the opponent is anywhere We said that we will fight to the end with the highest The players will have to say: Before the games we will set ourselves up for the game to improve ourselves, encourage the game to grow and enter the game and forget the attitude to the challenge, even if the game opens. I think it was good to make the unity while calling the voice. It became for the last game before Asia but I do not know how it was prepared during the preparation, but we are higher. I think the players showed that the players who fought for the goal could prepare for the Asian Cup and also the Asian Cup if you can achieve the results while growing During the tournament I think that "

─ We tried the new unit, replacing the starting point as a whole, where was the task?

"I think the player tried what he came from training, it's time to put more vertical passes, or not only the individual will be destroyed after the vertical pass, but also the form of the linking link. I think it's a task to tell if I needed to be able to do more, but I would like to appreciate what players tried to do in the current game trends at this stage. "

– I think it was a good opportunity to see the players, but how many answers did you get to the Asian Cup?

"Although it was a friendly game, thinking about how much good training we will have, the fact that the players tried it, in my opinion, sparked growth and a part that created future beliefs, but I think that I have to think that I do not want to guarantee We have fought against Venezuela against all starting points, but in order to strengthen the Japanese delegation, we made the players thicker, the players selected from them will also come across other Asian bows, The thing played by many players in the Asian Cup is that the players will return to the team and contact the players to continue their growth. I think I have not answered but I think I did the best I could do to play. Asian Cup, and I think I will strive for an Asian Cup from the beginning. I think we should go. "

─ in the second half – the intention to substitute four attacks. I think the difference in power appeared for competitors who came from the start team and mid-day.

"Keep in mind how big the difference is in order for players to better improve the flow on the road, decide a game, close the game, calm the game or even play. I think the player who was involved in this part of the team was revived, was that from Venezuela He was able to sign up to fight the team. Players who played a strong part in the future game. I believe that if the team plays a role player, not all of them are equal players in the appointment of the player, of course, it can be in the group, and the player, the force part , who do not have enough experience Regardless of the player who is still less than that, it is a player who has the opportunity to grow ever more, hence the result of the current result and future opportunities Some players gather. I think that the player who not experienced, the player who is still a bit insane, will continue to rise with jap ing the national team's experience and thought that you play the game and I think it will contribute to the Japanese delegate further strength and balance after this part will be redirected to the home, returning to the level. If there is a difference in power, there is nothing to say at this stage. Senior players, experienced athletes, experienced athletes and skilled players at the same height will create a synergistic effect when both players grow and unite. I think I will continue to do it if I have the opportunity in the future. . "

─ It was also an incredible accident to take over as a director, but the one that strengthened or strengthened me in the past six months is what I have left.

"There was a really unexpected accident, firstly, during a major earthquake during the Hokkaido during the September Kirin Challenge Cup, and we were able to support Japan as a representative to support us in the disaster, I think it's so great that I could experience it. Hokkaido We also could not play hurricane, but we easily supported the hotel and the ability to do the work while supporting me. I think I had the experience that I very much believe that I was in. I got a game in Osa, but many people were exposed to Typhoon No. 21, but some people whose daily lives did not return as usual The importance of the activity that we should continue to send a statement of appreciation to different people, not only playing but also other activities I think it was good that it was meant to think of me for plums. With unexpected events, I decided to play less time to prepare for the latest oita but sp cheap Worrying, I have settled a given environment and time and did the best I can do. The players, the staff did the best to always do their best in the specific environment I want to continue working from now on.

Even in today's game, we might have played the game by grabbing the balls than we had before, but if we got out of the game or left the opponent a gap, we were on the move. Perhaps I could not pick up extra points. The reason why we were able to continue to create opportunities after four points is that the team's goal should always be high so that you can pass through the end in any environment, prepare for the best, do everything possible He also did what I do in today's game. I would like to continue this, and I want to continue to send this message to the players and staff as well. Although it is better not to cause unexpected things, I think there are a lot of things and I think that being able to overcome and overcome it is necessary for it to happen immediately, ignoring the best and, finally, I want to do things like battles up. "

─ The quality of the football is different from the four fighters who fought against Uruguay, Venezuela and other players. How many players can reach the best quartet?

"I think it's still a lot more. It's not just domestic, there are some players who have the strength to play abroad, I think there are players who can reach front-line players against Venezuela. What I now think I mean , that there is a different power, but I think that I have the opportunity to learn as much as possible paintings by training how much I can work with my players is my task. I think I am responsible for ever increasing players, especially from this the moment. "

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