Monday , March 1 2021

Intel, USB Type AI Accelerator, Performance Improved 8 times Neural Compute Stick 2 – PC Watch

Neural computing style 2

At 14th (local time) Intel released Nei Compute Stick 2 AI USB Accelerator, which improved performance 8 times from the start. The recommended retail price is $ 99. In addition, it is anticipated that even from Japan it is possible to acquire scientific expertise.

The company launched Movidius Neural Compute Stick in July 2017, but said the new product would reach eight times its performance. It is mainly specialized in handling conclusions in a neural network, and the performance of connected computers, etc., can be enhanced.

Although this accelerator can develop applications using the OpenVINO toolkit, programs developed by OpenVINO can be located on CPU, GPU and FPGA products, so developers can reduce time to market. It is said that they can achieve outstanding scalability.

The installed processor has been purchased by Movidius Myriad X VPU. VPU itself has 16 SHAVE cores and sells 10 times more Myriad 2 (1 TOPS) performance.

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