Saturday , March 6 2021

Hitachi, Satoshi Ohno's look CM released "Happiness depends on laundry" CM – Household Clock

On September 17th, November 17th (Sat), Hitachi Appliances started working on "Hello Happiness" CM Series series Arashi on November 17, and Satoshi Ohno's "Laimite based on AI laundry" appeared. .

Satoshi Ohno "Happiness depends on AI laundry", he began airborne on November 17 (Sat) throughout the country

Since February 2018, the company accepted "Hello! Happiness" as a new campaign for home appliances and developed a television ad that featured Arashi. In the first round, Masaki Aiba participated in "Happiness continued in the refrigerator", the second round Kazuya Ninomiya appeared "Happiness, which can be washed in air conditioner." Hitachi's home appliances supply Happiness an anthropomorphic role, said Charm.

The third is the new "drum-type drum dryer" type drum-type drum-type dryer "Happiness that can depend on laundry". The product is equipped with its AI function, it senses the condition of the clothes and the detergent, indicating that it works by automatically adjusting the washing method and time.

The MK says that the luck, called "AI Cleansing Care Thoroughly," the washing machine is represented by Ohno's skillful performance.

Also on November 14, Hitachi's official website, in addition to the new CM, will release another story about the Happiness movie, Hitachi Big Drum.

Drum-type washer / dryer "Heat-treated ironing large cylinder" equipped with AI and smartphone co-operation function

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