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Google Releases Squoosh Image Compression Solution – CNET Japan

Google Chrome Labs has released the Squoosh web application that converts image compression and format to create webpages that can be downloaded quickly.

The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the easy and quick retrieval of web pages by easily compressing the image and lowering the image quality to a reasonable level.

However, this tool must also support the development of Google's distributed WebP distribution, reverse-loss compression format. Until recently, most browsers that supported WebP format were almost Google Chrome.

Squoosh is a PWA (advanced web application) that runs on any computer or mobile browser and offers a variety of "best-class codecs" to compress and compare images in the browser.

Thanks to PWA properties, Chrome OS users who use the latest version of Chrome and Windows 10 users can use Squoosh just like local applications.

The user can choose the optimal image format, change the image size, reduce the color of the palette after pulling and dropping the image file into the Squoosh interface, or selecting an image file from the This dialog will look similar.

It allows the developer to choose the most suitable image format and reduce the size of the web, but does not significantly reduce the quality of the image file.

Image formats that can be selected and compared are Google WebP, Mozilla Mozilla MozJPEG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG 2000, PDF.

According to Squoosh's "Chrome Dev Summit 2018", which took place from November 12-13, US time, WebP showed that the image file size will be smaller than other formats, as well as some examples. .

It seems reasonable that Squoosh appeared at this time. Until recently, only browsers that supported WebP were Chrome, but with Edge support for Windows, the October 10, 2018 update was a big boost. Firefox 65 foreseen at the beginning of 2019 has also supported WebP.

Each time Squoosh changes the image, it also shows how small or large the file is related to the change.

Provided: Image: Google

Provided: Image: Google

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