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【View large images】 Future guide based on Fallout 76 reviews B. E. T. A.

Bethesda game studiosThank you for participating in Fallout 76 B. E.T.A. About Reddit and published articles to be implemented / activated before and after release on the basis of feedback received.

UltraExtensive correspondence
This corresponds to a screen aspect ratio of 21: 9 after release. Stash the power that is greater than the reported one as soon as it becomes available
I understand that this is the source of many complaints, and in the future plans to increase the power of using push to talk

Computer versionWe are planning to install a voice chat "push-to-talk" specification, which will be requested soon in the near future. By default, I want you to experience the real world and live the world. Fantasy Case FOV Slider

AnimationThe FOV slider even does not support even previous work to stop the crop and to keep the screen from falling. Zoom is possible from a third-party view in the current computer version. 1 No change of person's point of view is planned. Use of various mistakes
Many reports have been received and planned for future updates. Social menu issues like inviting friends, creating commands
We are already working on the answer and we will respond as soon as possible as soon as problems arise. Please let us know if you find a problem with a hungry gauge problem
Regardless of how much you eat, no matter what you are sick of. The problem is solved because noisy shooting is noisy
With glasses of sound and noise problems that happen accidentally suddenly, a response will be provided with an update that is close to release.

OnlineThe exclusive Fallout 76 plans to release PS4 / Xbox One / PC on November 15, 2018. 【Watch other pictures】 Post a future roadmap based on testimonials from Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

Publish a follow-up guide based on a testimonial from Fallout 76 B. E.T.A.

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