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Defining a Territorial Resettlement Destination and Sovereignty Exhibition in Close, Toranomon-Sankei News

Territorial and sovereignty exhibition centers moved to Toranomon at the end of Sankei News

Government's "Regional and Sovereignty Exhibition Hall" (Tokyo, Hibiscus Park), which collects data on Japan's unique territory, the Senkaku Islands (Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture) and Take Island (Oki Island, Shimane Prefecture). move on to 27. It announces after a major consecutive holiday in May. With the end of the impending end of the earthquake in March next year, the original plan was exceeded and there were concerns about the temporary suspension of public authorities. The destination of the relocation is a private building in the district of Toranomonas. Creating Toranomon in the area where Nagata-cho is renovated, it aims to get primary and secondary school students and passers-by who have attended a Diet. In Korea, which is illegally occupying Takeshima, it is calling for the closure of the Territorial and Sovereignty Exhibition Hall, and the issue of strengthening government capacity has become an issue. The ruling party official said: "I would like to continue consolidating the scattered material from the islands of Takeshima and Senkaku throughout the country and to make the Japanese statements legitimate." It is currently located on the ground floor of the municipal administration hall at the corner of the Hibiscus Park, but its location is limited and the space is limited to about 100 square meters, so there was a limit to improving the data. Built in Yotsuya, Tokyo, a multi-storey building has become a relocation destination and the government has responded to a request from the Ministry of Finance, which belongs to the 13th to 15th floors. However, last autumn, the Ministry of Finance insisted that "except for office use, it should be agreed with the building management union". As a result of the necessary procedures, I was looking for a replacement because the transition was delayed by 3 (2021) years and the withdrawal deadline could not be reached. Related Articles "Remove Immediately" Outside …

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