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One of the most popular games in the world, Tetris, is a masterpiece with a well-known puzzle.

It is known that not only do you forget time but also improves brain efficiency, improves alcohol, nicotine, withdrawal symptoms and various effects.

According to a recent study, Tetris has revealed that it has exposure to alleviate anxiety.

While waiting for a medical examination and an examination result, playing Tetris, it's claimed that the feeling of irritability and pounding is frustrating.

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Four ways to positively change life with the "tetris effect"

You can divert your eyes from anxiety by creating a flow state

Kate Swan, a psychologist at the University of California at Riverside, told Tetris to be a good tool to address the concerns about waiting for serious messages.

According to her, if a person can divert attention from himself, he can release anxiety. And the preferred way to do this is to create a "flow" state.

Flow is a concept supported by the psychologist Tsukuchi Mihai, and it is in a state where it is deeply taken away from something. Both the area and the forgotten state are also called.

It is influenced by people in various fields, such as athletes, musicians, writers, artists, etc. When you enter the stream, the feeling of time is lost, and too much is forgotten due to eating, eating and sleeping.

This is called a flow, because it is a testimony to the feeling that those who have experienced it will enter the water stream.

This flow is not too difficult because it's disgusting, but it's not hard to be bored, it's easy to enter when you challenge a sophisticated, balanced difficulty.

Tetris, who suddenly becomes complicated according to skill, is perfect at this moment.


Tetris with just the right difficulty makes it easy to create a "flow" state

The Swiney study consists of three parts.

The first thing we did was ask law students to wait for a statement to accept or reject a bar exam. Only a few of them can pass the exam, but it will take four months before announcing the results. Candidates should therefore be stressed for a long time.

The next is the doctoral student survey in the search for a job. They are in a very stressful situation when they need to apply for jobs such as universities and laboratories and should continue to wait for an answer in which they do not know whether they are coming months.

In both of these cases, when I entered the flow, it was reported that my sense of anxiety was gone, and I felt a positive mood.

Tetris used the latest experiment.

Here I am asking 290 college students to take pictures. Explain to this student that students have a picture in other places and are used to assess the quality of the face – that is, that you do not feel.

And I told Tetris to play for 10 minutes until the evaluation came out.


Subjects were divided into three groups. In the first group of subjects we had an ordinary Tetris, which played a bit of difficulty level.

Also in the second group is Tetris, which is so hard that the block falls only slowly, bored just as easily, as it is, the third group is so hard that the block falls too fast and did not like I did it.

After the game, I ask a survey about the mood at that time.

Of course, the first group replied that the mood was getting lighter.

According to Sveni's assumption, the first group that played Tetris with the best difficulty could experience a flow. Anxiety and stress are believed to be relaxed.

Without Tetris this effect

Research results from researchers at the University of Oxford in 2009 can ease the shock of treating Tetris as traumatic scenes.

The reason is the "Tetris effect".

When Tetris plays for a long time, the Tetris screen is illustrated with a stamp in the brain. Tetris worries me not to remember memory.

Therefore, it is expected to be a promising tool for reducing post-natal stress disorder, as well as calming appetite and nutritional needs during a diet.

Let's create a flow state before the breast is compressed due to anxiety

Of course, there are individual differences, and if you do not like games like Tetris, you will not be adapted. But it's not always Tetris, nor the need to be a video game.

It only needs to be placed in the flow state. If there is something that I can forget and immerse, it will alleviate my alarm.

This study was published in "Emotion".

By the way, in my case it is Pocopoko from the LINE game. When you feel strong anxiety and irritation, you will feel wise when you get the game. However, since there are few friends, the clover is not collected, so it's easy to get into the trap of the bill, so it's worth noting.

References: Study: Tetris is a great focus to alert the mind | Ars Technica / written with hiroching / edited parity

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Anxiolytic effects on Tetris. It turns out that gameplay alleviates anxiety

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