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12 / 27-28 "FM802 RADIO CRAZY", the second champion fixes the performer! Also announced on the schedule! Broken stone news


FM802 Rotary Year End Party "FM802 RADIO CRAZY", sponsored by FM802, will be held at INTEX Osaka from 27 to 28 December. Announced the second event of the event!
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During this time the artists are as follows:
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Mao Abe
indigo la end
Tamio Okuda
Crying dog
She is
Hump ​​back
Fuji fabric
Yoga's new waves
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Also announced is the main part of the outstanding artist!
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In addition to the presentation, the receipt of the second ticket program FM802 has begun. As the fierce fight takes place every year, we will get to know you as soon as possible!

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Information about the event
December 27 (thursday), 28 (friday) INTEX Osaka
【Casting Artist】
■ December 27 (thursday)
Aimei / [ALEXANDROS] [NEW] / indigo la End [NEW] / OKAMOTO & S / Tamio Okuda [NEW] / Official beard dism / KEYTALK [NEW] / Creep hype / Creator / SiM / Sumika / 10-FEET / Hump back [NEW] / Fuji fabric [NEW] / BLUE ENCOUNT / 04 Limited SIZE / MANNISH BOYS (Kazuyoshi Saito × Tatsuya Nakamura) / MONOEYES / Yabi T-Shirt Shop / UNISON SQUARE GARDEN / LAMP TERREN[NEW]And more
■ December 28 (friday)
Mao Abe [NEW] / androp [NEW] / Ulb / MUSICAL CIGARETTES / Cousins ​​are falling [NEW] / go! go! vanilla / beautiful dog [NEW] / Sambomaster [NEW] / HIS [NEW] / Specs Shikao / Straightener / SUPER BEAVER / Nulbarich [NEW] / Birthday / BACK HORSE [NEW] / pillows / BIGMAMA / frederiks / jogs new waves[NEW]And more
■ Official website: https: //
■ The official Twitter:@ fm802 radiocrazy

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