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【Box】 Kameda Koki retires, the future will focus on Kazi's support and production activities – eFight 【EFight】 Battle information is provided every day!

In the future, support will be given to Kazuyoshi's brother, who has reached the second-class dominance, and Kohki (left) who said he would like to raise TFC,

Tokyo Fight Club, held at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, on November 12 (Monday). 3 – Kameda Kazuyuki World War ", three-line champion champion Kumita Kameda (31), who serves as the producer of the same event, announced the withdrawal of gold directly from fans.

Kameda announced her second retreat on her blog Saturday, September 10th (Saturday).

"I thought about going to the game with Ponthacrek on May 5, I wanted to finish it with a cough, I thought I wanted to do it again, but unfortunately it's not good, I decided to retire," he told me he was abandoned the game against the novel Gonzalez, who wanted to play.

Kamek Kameda (from AbemaTV), who again went to the second retirement ring for fans of the ring

"Continue to say:" It's bigger now, making Kameda Kazuyoshi the world champion and making it a super champion in the future, and I feel that in the future I will do my best with Kazu, "said the younger brother. I wanted to fully support Kazu's support.

"It's thanks to the boxing that we have the current Kameda Trees, so we want to make the box more sport, for example, Kickboxing is the key, the KI is big, and RIZIN is the biggest martial arts, so if you say boxing I would say that It's TFC, which is not the most in anyone's memory, if not the most. The highest mountain in Japan is Fuji Mountain, then the second highest mountain? The largest lake is Lake Biwa, then the second one I think there are people who know, but I do not know I want to get TFC first. I would like boxers to make a big event as much as a box can eat everything. I think it's a free response to Kameda Koki's boxing circle, "said the future goal is to make TFC a the biggest event in the box.

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