Saturday , March 6 2021

With Android Q and Multi-Resume multi-windows it becomes more useful

All our Android smartphones are equipped with multi-window, which lets you watch two apps on the screen. The phone's screen is divided into sections, each of which shows another app, and we can adjust the size of different sections.

But in multi-window we can only use one of the screen apps. So, up to one app can be active at a time, but the remaining ones are paused.

The possibility that more than one app is active at the same time in multi-window mode has until now been reserved only for apps and smartphones that OEMs have enabled.

Multi-Resume Required, Starting with Android Q

It will now be available to everyone, starting with the Android version Q version. Google has announced the launch of Multi-Resume features. It will consist of an impressive multi-window functionality that has already been integrated with Android smartphones.

Google says that, starting with Android Oreo 8.0, all Android developers and smartphone manufacturers will have to make compatible apps and software customizations with Multi-Resume. This means that all applications must be able to operate in multi-window mode.

Starting with Android version Q, in fact, Multi-Resume should support all Android apps and smears.

Here are the differences between the simple multi-window and the new Multi-Resume:

several resume

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