Thursday , March 4 2021

while driving only Milan-Cortina and Stockholm

Calgary residents have not been nominated by the Canadian city – going to Milan-Cortina and Stockholm for the next Winter Olympics. Most likely, given that local politicians have announced that they will continue without those who voted for them, the Canadian city will go to the recall of the dossier to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. Consequently, the other two candidates would remain alone. : Milan-Cortina and Stockholm.


"The biggest obstacle to what we do (nominee ed)," said former Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson, "is a general loss of public confidence in the Olympics, she became very cynical, especially in the Olympics." Commenting on the referendum, the president of Calgary 2026, who said: "I am disappointed with the result, but of course I respect the democratic process."

According to Calgary Herald reports, in order to vote against their city's candidacy for hosting the Olympic Games, out of ten were almost six citizens with 171 750 votes to 304 774 votes. However, the final decision on the withdrawal of Calgary is owned by the municipality council, which must ratify the result of the vote. If the Canadian city is likely to return, only the remaining candidates will stay in Milan-Cortina or Stockholm.

Italy's candidacy

Italy's candidacy also seems particularly promising, given the political and economic challenges that national and local governments are having with which Stockholm is experimenting.

On November 28, a blue application dossier will be presented to Coni Malagot, President of the Tokyo SOK Tokyo, with Lucu Zaia, Mayor of Milan, Beppe Island and Governor of Veneto. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini promised that if they do not need private funds, the state will do "last resort".

An interview with the prime minister's visit to also said that he had seen Milan-Cortina's application dossier and that he had rated it as "one of those with the lowest economic impact on the story, also because so many infrastructures already exist."

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