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Volkswagen will sell electric cars for about 20 thousand euros


As has just been written, Volkswagen plans to significantly reduce the price of electric vehicles, which will be sold in the next
years, they are approaching diesel fuel. Aim, information from Bloomberg and Reuters after last week's rumor,
would have to market cars of less than 20,000 euros and protect jobs in Germany by modifying
three factories that produce only electric cars. The brand Vw has already been leaked from the desire to position
Entrance Models for "popular" christmas car electric range I.D. and so far appeared in various prototypes
the price level corresponds to the Tdi diesel golf course prices. The Wolfsburg Group has set up a platform for this purpose
Modular bundled Meb (Modularer Elektrobauksten) dedicated to 100% cars on the tap. I.D. they will represent the third
Volkswagen was after beetle and golf. And the whole German group plans to sell at least one million by 2025
electric car.

The brand (and VW Group) plan aims to implement the I.D. on the meb platform with
production volume of 200,000 vehicles per year. The boot layout will be discussed in the next board
November 16th Meanwhile, Audi will start selling a 600-km e-tron

VIDEO / Germany, government announces agreement on scrapping old diesel fuel

Volkswagen's strategy is accelerated by the fact that several cities will ban diesel fuel in the coming years. Group
The German language has launched a $ 34 billion investment plan.

In Germany, 436,000 people are employed by car and contract staff. Waiting for your new range
electric cars I.D. Even Volkswagen, like other manufacturers, seems to have the problem of making them available to the general public, and at the moment it seems that it is not possible to purchase a more expensive electric model, such as diesel and
many complications that still persist in terms of collection.

It's likely that during VW it mature, it seems to be getting the electric price to be "the current price"
diesel fuel It is therefore clear that the Wolfsburg manufacturer plans to offer EV models as "electrically for all" and
so millionaires can sell millions of electric and non-electric. The point is that starting with price listings
the available Volkswagen plans to convince millions of people to buy their electric future.

Another option is to make Volkswagen electric cars available by rating those drivers
they use their cars, especially in cities and towns, do not have to travel long distances. As a result
In the future, they could choose electricity with an accredited battery with lower energy returns. What should be done
I think that I.D. the family will be offered with more battery features and that EV with limited capacity would be possible
for those who have a cheaper price.

Volkswagen's first electric vehicle based on Meb will be in 2020 and could be called the I.D. Neo Volkswagen
was wary of releasing the main technical specifications for the future of electric vehicles, but has already approved
that "family" I.D. is a modular battery pack
allows for a minimum autonomy of just over 300 km but up to more than 500 km.

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