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Vodafone España offers unlimited Giga subscriptions, but with speed limit – | Telephony Offers

to Spain, Vodafone recently revolutionized its portfolio of offers, especially when implementing. , mobile network anyone new subscription prices which provides unlimited minutes, SMS and concert, but in some cases it has a speed limit, variable based on bid costs.

Vodafone España had announced a press release dated 10 April 2019 for this initiation April 14, 2019 there would have been "Change strategy to adapt to customer needs" thanks to his marketing new mobile subscription prices with unlimited subscription.

This attempt to resume itself with the Vodafone Spanish branch coincides with difficulties living in the Iberian land Vodafone Group, who, however, recently reiterated the desire not to sell Vodafone España after some rumors that reported this opportunity.

If you make a comparison with The Italian market, bets are unlimited they are not newConsidering, for example, that Vodafone Italia had already launched a tariff with unlimited Giga called in October 2018 Unlimited red +then became current Red Unlimited Black. However, in this case, as it is the only offer for anyone with unlimited Giga, there is no other version with speed limit.

Returning to Spanish market, it should be noted that there are new unlimited tariffs introduced by Vodafone in Spain only by subscription.

This is because, unlike the Italian market, it is more common to find subscription rates with the relevant limit as the main ratesbut type Prepago (Rechargeable) they are certainly less common and less advantageous, especially when compared to what you are used to in Italy.

Vodafone España's new unlimited tariffs compared to other "basic" subscriptions.

New subscription rates Vodafone España, Available both new and customers as of April 14, 2019, they are named accordingly Ilimit, Siand Ilimit Total and everyone provides unlimited minutes, SMS and concert, last but with some restrictions two of the three bets.

the offer Illuminate it has costs € 40.99 month and provides unlimited Giga, but with one the maximum speed is 2 megabytes / s.

subscription Snapper Snaps it has costs € 45.99 per month and includes unlimited Giga to one the maximum navigation speed is 10 megabytes / s.

Instead, the offer Summarize Total Coast € 49.99 and the only one that provides Unlimited giga without speed limit. maximum speed navigation provided by the Vodafone network in Spain is. , 4G + (not 4.5G) up to 300 megabits / s download and up to 100 megabits / s upload.

All offers include service activation Secure Net free for 3 months (identical to Vodafone Italia's secure network) and the opportunity to use your offer for roaming within the EU with unlimited minutes and text messages as well as 16, 17 and 19 Giga data traffic.

As you can see, these deals are very similar those recently launched Vodafone Italydedicated to only existing customers: These are deals ad personam range Red Unlimited, respectively Red Unlimited Smart +, Red Unlimited Ultra + and Red Unlimited Black CB.

As told by MondoMobileWeb preview, these offers are suggested personalized prices variable from 20 to 39 euros per month and only some already selected customers. It is interesting to note how these offers were launched almost simultaneously with range rates "Glimmer" from Vodafone España, given that they are available in Italy April 15, 2019.

At this point, the question arises whether what Vodafone did in Spain is nothing else Preview about what might be the future of mobile phone tariffs, this is a new element like navigation speed limit unlimited Giga concession.

In Italyas mentioned, this new variable is proposed at this moment, for some Already Vodafone Customersbut it could be nothing but a check waiting for offers with open navigation speed limits for all customers, as happened in Spain.

We would like to thank Davide and Simone for the reports.

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