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"Turning Allie 2 was tiring" and talked about 3 series


alessandra mastronard third year studentsWill Allieva 3 be there? Alessandra Mastronard's words are Gossipetv

Alessandra Mastronardi he worked hard to interpret Alisa Allevi anyone pupil. The second Rai Uno fictional season turned out to be more demanding than expected. To be the main character in the series press conference, which was bought in the first season Amazon Prime Minister. "Turning Allie 2 was very tiring, especially from a physical point of view. We all day, all scenes, shooters, Alice is always present. We are shooting for 110 consecutive days, except for Saturday and Sunday, we never really stopped. when I could sit (laughing.) I shoot scenes constantly, physical accusations were accused of ", acknowledged by Alessandra a Gossipetv. Fortunately, the passion for action and this work has helped Mastronard not to lose weight.

Alessandra Mastronard's statement on L & # 39; Allieva 3

This commitment, which was so intense and intense, would have stopped Alessandra Mastronardi – increasingly divided between Italy and the United States – from the film's possible Third L & # 39; s Allied Season? "No, absolutely not, but now we are not talking about another season. Let's see how the second goes. And if there is a third, I hope Lino Guanciale, but there is a time we'll see"Ron McCall's girlfriend explained to us. Despite the excellent first and second season, Rai has not yet made a decision on L & # 39; Allieva 3.

Allieva 3 Rai Uno: This is still visible

Needless to say, fans expect it, because more than 5 million viewers are fascinated by the romance between Alice Allevi and Claudio Conforti, famous CC. Now Alessandra focuses on something else: these weeks she is filming episodes de Medici 3where he is wearing clothes Lucrezia Donati.

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